It's possible to improve your skills on video poker significantly by following a smart strategy. These tips are not cheat codes, but they help you influence the game's outcome in your favor.

Choose Your Paytable Wisely

To win this thrilling game, you need to score specific combinations such as a flush, two pair, a straight, or a royal flush. Video poker utilizes a complete deck of 52 cards. The first thing that will influence your outcome is choosing the right paytable. Choose a paytable that offers the highest percentage of return. It's advisable to stick to a table that pays 9/6 and greater to get good returns. 

Play Maximum Coins

Different video poker games have different winning strategies. For classic games like Jacks or Better, one helpful tip is to play the maximum number of coins. This helps to win a bonus if you manage to score a royal flush. If you play fewer coins, you do not benefit from such bonuses. 

Take Your Time

Another tip that applies to all video poker games is to play slower. It helps to reduce the rate at which you lose money in case of a loss. Volume does not help with the game, so playing more games only puts the player at risk of losing more money. However, you can slow down, play fewer games, but take more time to strategize and increase chances of winning.

Target Progressive Jackpots

Aim for progressive jackpots. However, it would be best if you were careful to play these jackpots without compromising on the paytable. You get more wins by aiming for bonuses and promotions, which earn you a decent payout or enough to keep you playing longer without spending what you had set to pay for the session.

 What to Avoid in Video Poker

Having looked at some dos, it is also essential to consider a few don'ts that may cost you a win. A common mistake that beginners make is hoarding three cards with the hope of earning a straight win. Although you might win big when you do, the risk is too high and not worth it. If you can help it, try not to retain a kicker among your cards. Contrary to common belief, this does not give you an advantage in favour of winning.

 An advisable strategy for all videogames is to play slower, be more thoughtful and work around reducing the house edge where possible. 

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