On The Record is a secret speakeasy at The Park MGM.

Set out to search for On The Record, a secret bar at The Park MGM. Once you find the disguised door to enter the bar (hint: it’s covered in cassette tapes), you’ll find walls full of tons of vinyl records. If you pull one off the shelf and take it to the bar, they’ll make you a custom cocktail! You can actually buy these records to take home. 

This speakeasy club is full of funky and vintage surprises. The outdoor patio has a double-decker bus that houses the DJ booth, while the DJ inside operates behind a Rolls Royce. In addition to DJs, you catch a lot of live performances here. Check out their Instagram to see who’s coming and when. 

If you don’t care about watching other people perform, rent out a private karaoke room to sing your own heart out! Choose your favorite songs and perform for your friends. You’ll feel like the star of the show with fun lighting and a disco ball. 


This bar pays homage to the greatest rock n’ roll bands. There’s a floor-to-ceiling mural of Queen outside, along with Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses-themed pinball machines that you can play.  

On The Record is at The Park MGM, hidden in plain sight as a “record store” on the casino floor. 

Remember, “What happens in Vegas stays off the record.” 

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