Enjoy pretty big payouts playing 3-card Poker

Gambling enthusiasts often have mixed emotions towards 3-card poker. you can win big, but it ain't easy.  Here are some of the most effective ways to win at 3-card poker:

Know the rules

The game has simple rules. You have to ante in to get cards. With cards in hand, you can either play your turn or fold. You lose your ante when you fold. If you play and your hand beats the dealer, it is considered a 1:1 win on the bet and a minimum of the same ratio to your ante as long as the dealer qualifies. If the dealer does not qualify, you then win a 1:1 on the ante.

Try Not to Play Blind

One of the things people look at in casino games is the house advantage. Games with a higher house advantage are high-risk games, and many people shy away from such games. As a basic rule, you should not play blind unless you know the house advantage. It is a rookie mistake that can cost you the game. 3-card poker has a house advantage of around 3.4% with three-card poker. Looking at these statistics, it is evident that winning the game might not be an easy task. The chances of the house having a higher advantage from a mathematical perspective do not allow you to play blind.

Play Higher than Q6

Despite gambling experts having different theories on the opportune time to dump hands, playing higher than Q/6/4 often results in small wins. There is a lot of debate around different strategies and their efficacy. However, playing higher than Q-6 is a safe choice most of the time.

Know How to Use Pair Plus

Pair plus can benefit, but you must use it sparingly as the edge to this wager is relatively high. However, you are likely to stumble on pair plus easily, and there is a circle for it above that of your ante. It pays extra for bonus hands and a 1:1 for any pair.

Focus on the bonus hands

To cash in big on the 3-card poker, focus on taking down bonus hands. Most tables will offer a 5/1 return on the ante for a straight flush, 3/1 or 4/1 for a flush, and 2/1 for three of a kind. Pair plus side bets pay 3/1 for a flush and can go up to 40/1 for a straight flush.

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