Let’s face it - You’re in Las Vegas, and like everyone else, you’re looking for the best places to party and the best drinks to go along with it! Well, you’re in luck! Sin City is home to some of the most unique, creative and in some cases, downright odd cocktails in the world. So, without further ado, here’s a list of five cocktails you should order when you’re in Las Vegas!

1. The Cocktail Tree, SushiSamba

The Cocktail Tree, SushiSamba

SushiSamba is a unique restaurant that features an eclectic mix of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine! Given the large number of Japanese expats in Brazil, it was only a matter of time before they put their twist on the local food and drink! At SushiSamba, you can order a Cocktail Tree, which, you guessed it - is a ‘tree’ made up of a number of different cocktails. Choose from a varied selection of drinks, and make a tree of 12 cocktails to sip on before you head out to the clubs! Common selections include things like Lychee cocktails, cucumber-based drinks, and a signature drink depending on what month it is! This represents the essence of what Vegas stands for. It's exorbitant, over-the-top, and so much more than necessary.

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