Kyle Busch shocked no one by winning the second championship of his career last year in Homestead Miami, but can The candyman get it done once again after a season of subpar performances? Here are 5 playoff scenarios for Busch in 2020.

5. Wins The Cup Series title

Wins The Cup Series title

Does Kyle Busch win the 2020 Cup Series title? That really depends on which Kyle Busch shows up to the 2020 final at ISM Speedway. Will it be the Kyle Busch that has knocked off win after win season after season? Will it be the Kyle Busch that broke both his legs, recovered and ending up winning five races on his way to a first championship. 

Or will the Kyle Busch of new show up? The one that can’t seem to get his car set up right, makes constant mistakes, and gets caught up in everyone else’s mess? 

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