Over the years, Las Vegas has been known for its crazy bachelor parties. Lately, however, the ladies have been reclaiming the nightlife by having their bachelorette parties in the city of sin. Las Vegas offers a myriad of choices to make your last night as a single woman pleasurable and worthwhile. Here are some of the fantastic Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas.

3. A Pajama party

A Pajama party

This bachelorette party is all about the bride and her bridesmaids having an awesome night in pajamas. This does not mean they go to bed because the party has just begun. At the party you can watch movies, play silly games, shower each other with party favors, and munch on great food and drinks. You can also decorate, just like a real party. The girls can share a lot until they fall asleep, and these experiences will bring back past experiences like sleepovers. The bride to be and her friends will live to remember this night with nostalgia.

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