Continuing our roundup of the year's best shows, events, entertainment, restaurants, trends, and more.

The past twelve months will be remembered as some of the most unpredictable in history. Here in Sin City, we've seen the astonishing, the crazy, and sometimes the downright dull. But through it all, we've found plenty to enjoy...from fine dining and luxury stays to awesome dive bars and rocking new bands. 

Whatever you were looking for, it was here to discover in Las Vegas. We've already covered plenty in Part One of this series, but let's not waste another moment and get right down to more of Best Of Las Vegas 2021!

Best New Attraction - FLY OVER VEGAS

Best New Attraction - FLY OVER VEGAS

There aren't too many things you can do with a closed-down movie theater. You could transform it into a live performance venue like NOTORIETY LIVE, or you can convert it into a Disney-like attraction that simulates the experience of hang gliding. That's what Fly Over Vegas is all about. An immersive ride that swoops, soars, and drowns the senses in breezes, fragrances, and even clouds, Fly Over Vegas is what the kids like to call "4-D virtual reality". 

Leading to the actual adventure is a super-cool "canyon" which also houses a bar, lounge, and merchandise shop. Fly Over Vegas has two ride options, which take you over the great American west and Sin City (naturally) or the natural wonders of Iceland. We recommend experiencing both via a discount package. Click here to read our Vegas 411 article on details, location, and pricing information. 

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