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#5 Las Vegas Aces draft results

#5  Las Vegas Aces draft results

The WNBA draft took place on April 17th, and while the Las Vegas Aces already had a plethora of weapons at their disposal, they also made sure to add some depth to their all-star roster. This started in the first round when the Aces selected Iliana Rupert, who is coming to play basketball all the way from France. She will be playing as a backup center behind Liz Camabge.

"We wanted players that would come in and not bust our chemistry, that could come in and accept their roles and compete hard and earn their minutes," head coach Bill Laimbeer said. "We’re positioned now for the near term and the long term."

The Aces also drafted Destiny Stocum two picks later,  another great addition to the team.  Finally, the Aces selected Kionna Jeter, who was ranked as one of the best prospects in the entire draft.