An exclusive entertainment experience is yours to enjoy...if you know the password.

Everyone loves a good mystery. And you’re here because you love all things “Sin City”. Put those two elements together and you’ve got an only-in-Vegas event for the top of your to-do list. This one is called The Magician’s Study.

I first learned about The Magician’s Study four years ago, and finally got an invitation to attend this week. The entertainer behind this unique experience is known to me…but must remain a secret to you. That is, until you walk through the doors of his magical lair. Your host is an internationally-known (and very charismatic) entertainer. You’ll be drawn into a web of intrigue as you settle in for an intimate evening of astonishment. 

"The Study is where the Magician develops his secret craft, creating and developing his unique illusions, perfecting his prestidigitation (sleight-of-hand) as well as performing pieces from his rare and valuable collection of antique magic. These incredible illusions will most likely never be seen outside the walls of the Study."

Not only is the host shrouded in mystery, but the entire experience is as well. Think of THE MAGICIAN'S STUDY as the "Escape Room" of shows. Here's how The Magician describes it: 

The Magician’s Study is a speakeasy-style experience where guests need to first secure a code word to enter. Although you can see available dates and ticket prices on our ticketing page ( ) guests will need the code word to be able to complete their purchase. Guests will then receive instructions at midday on the day they are attending on where to meet 15 to 30 mins prior to the performance time, adding to the experience and secretive nature of the show.

I have crafted this to be a unique experience where guests feel special being able to attend something so secretive and highly exclusive that not just anyone can purchase tickets to. Guests pass along their code word like passing along a secret to others, allowing them to experience the evening. Although tickets are not on sale to the general public, for those who wish to attend we highly recommend they RSVP via our website

Since returning from COVID-induced hiatus, THE MAGICIAN'S STUDY has become an even more intimate experience called The Secret Sessions. The original location remains hidden while The Magician is taking his bag of tricks to a variety of secret lairs throughout the city. You won't know where to go until a few hours beforehand when you'll receive an email with the exact spot and a password to enter:

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Magician’s Study will be returning to Las Vegas with an incredible pop-up experience, The Secret Sessions, until the Study doors are able to open once more.

The Secret Sessions are an even more exclusive experience than before, carefully crafted by the Magician for only a special handful of people to be able to attend. With seating extremely limited (even more so than before), this unique experience is not to be missed! The Magician looks forward to welcoming guests into his Study again soon but for the interim, hopes you join him for this very unique experience.

Yours truly attended a late-evening performance of The Secret Sessions this week, along with a small group of media and nightlife influentials. Despite the endless hours of live entertainment we've experienced as part of our profession, each of us was shocked, amused, baffled, mesmerized, and mystified. To divulge any of the performance would detract from your experience, but I can safely say that we left the Study as changed individuals, believing that almost anything was possible. You truly won't be able to wrap your mind around what you'll see. 

THE MAGICIAN'S STUDY: The Secret Sessions is unquestionably the best magic show in Las Vegas. 

Are you ready to play the game? THE MAGICIAN'S STUDY currently performs Thursday through Saturday at 7 pm and 9 pm. Visit the official website, where you can gather clues to discover the password, then RSVP for tickets. 

Photos courtesy of Alex S. and The Magician's Study

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