Famed Las Vegas magician returns to the stage

You know we love a good show. 

This is Vegas. We want to be entertained, dazzled, charmed. Forget about the stresses of the world. We want magic, dammit.

Enter Alain Nu, “The Man Who Knows.” 

This isn’t your typical Sin City spectacle. There are no flashy gizmos, no preening primadonnas. The show entrances your mind rather than your senses. Nu is a famed mentalist and magician who has performed for world leaders across the globe. His set features mind-reading, fortune-telling, and exploring the subconscious.  

Give in to the force connecting us all. Expand your mind- experience Alain Nu. 

The show runs Thursday through Sunday at 5 pm at the Athena Showroom inside the Alexis Park All-Suite Resort. Social distancing is strictly enforced. 

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