Set your calendar

Fantastic news, Las Vegas lovers. According to Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, the city will fully reopen on June 1, 2021.  Cue the celebrations! 

Now, let's talk about what this means. 

What will be open?

Everything. June 1 marks an almost complete return to normal. You'll be able to get a lap dance at the strip club, party on crowded dance floors, swarm into restaurants with your entire, 20-people strong posse. This is the Las Vegas you're used to. 

Do you still have to wear a mask?

Yep. The statewide mask mandate remains until further notice. 

More good news 

You'll start seeing changes in Sin City as soon as May 1st. That's when COVID measures shift from state to country control.  

“After extensive conversations with state health officials, and with the goal to reopen to 100 percent capacity across Nevada by June 1, we will remove the statewide required social distancing mandate as of May 1,” Sisolak said.

“To be clear, this does not mean that social distancing will no longer exist in the state... This just means that the state will no longer be setting the requirements." 

Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, plans to allow buffets, socially distanced dance floors, and strip clubs.