Sunset Park Fitness

Las Vegas can get a bit crazy with so much stimulation every day- food, casinos, shows, crowd congestion, traffic. For people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Sin City, one of the best places to visit is Sunset Park. This green oasis will re-energize you immediately. It is perhaps the best place in the city to exercise, enjoy nature, and take in some fresh air.

Sunset Park is located just a few miles from the airport. Getting to the park is easy as public transport is available. The park contains a 9-acre lake stocked with fish and nearly 3.5 miles of trails for jogging and cycling. There are many playgrounds that offer all types of recreational activities. Bring along a picnic basket as there are also great picnic areas. The trails are marked and vary in difficulty but most are at an easy level.

If you want to play tennis, basketball or volleyball, do come early in the morning or late evening. Mid-afternoon is not recommended as Las Vegas can be very hot. If you do not feel like jogging, then simply walk along the trails and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Throughout the year, the park holds all types of events including live music and art shows. 

If you plan to exercise, the best times are early morning. Bring plenty of water and wear appropriate gear. Just adjacent to the park there are ample places to eat. Sunset Park is safe and there are always people in the vicinity. Free parking is available if you come by car.


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