In Vegas, the entertainment and gambling industry is central to the city’s identity. After all, it isn’t called Sin City for nothing! That being said, each casino is unique and for an avid gambler, this presents a world of options. Some casinos with slot machines, for instance, happen to be “looser” than others, meaning they offer a much higher chance of winning, or stakes that their competition simply cannot keep up with! Here’s a guide on where to find the loosest slots in Las Vegas!

Your guide to success in Sin City.

If you've landed in Vegas with a less than ideal budget, don't worry - Sin City has a ton of different places that cater to your needs, irrespective of how small or big you're looking to go! Generally, small-scale gambling almost always revolves around slot machines, each of which is unique in its own way. As a result, some casinos have "looser" machines, which, for a variety of reasons, give the player a small advantage when compared to other casinos. The "loosest" slots in Vegas can be found in the following places;

  • Circus Circus Hotel & Resort - Slot machines are typically the lowest level of gambling in Vegas, at least in financial terms. That being said, they are wildly popular, and Vegas has over 100,000 slot machines as of 2017. The Circus Circus Hotel & Resort, which is somewhat past its heyday, happens to be home to a number of these slot machines. Why is this of interest to you? Well, Circus Circus has some of the highest return percentages in all of Vegas. It's a cheap casino to get into, offers a great rate on your winnings, and takes a smaller commission than many of it's more modern competitors! What's not to love?

  • Luxor Hotel & Casino - The Luxor, which is the large Egyptian pyramid-themed structure on the strip, is yet another casino that offers something for just about anyone! From high-roller tables and blackjack games that run hundreds of thousands of dollars, to cheap slot machines, the Luxor has it all. With more than 1,500 slot machines, the Luxor also happens to have more slot machines than most other casinos. Moreover, they have machines that range from the early 60s to more modern, screen-fitted machines, making it a great place to play slots.

  • Paris, Las Vegas Hotel & Casino - At the Paris Hotel, the slot machines themselves aren't what makes loyalty to this particular casino lucrative. Instead, it is their loyalty program. At the Paris Hotel, as well as any other Caesars Entertainment property, players are rewarded for using their casinos and machines and can enjoy things ranging from complimentary drinks and rooms to penthouse suites in the case of high rollers. For this reason, Caesars' entertainment properties and the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas are excellent places for beginners to start experimenting with gambling and slots. 

  • New York, New York Hotel & Casino - Think of New York, New York as an upscale version of the Circus Circus Hotel & Resort, and you're pretty much all set to play the slots there! Much like the Circus Circus Casino, New York, New York offers some of the best percentages, particularly when it comes to the slots. With over 1,500 slot machines across their play area, New York, New York is best known for having just about any slot machine in existence available and ready for players. Much like Circus Circus, they also offer cheap introductory rates, making it excellent for new players. And unlike Circus Circus, the casino and hotel itself is fantastic and is the very definition of modern-day luxury.

  • Bally's Las Vegas Casino - Bally's, which is a vintage structure in the heart of Vegas, is quite unlike any other entry on this list. With decor, ambiance, and most importantly, gambling practices that are somewhat dated, to say the least, Bally's caters to those in search of a late 80s-early 90s vibe and features slot machines from that era. Here, you won't find any modern-looking, digital machines, which is music to the ears of players from yesteryear! If you're a slots veteran or are looking for some guidance and learning the ropes, Bally's is a great place to start.

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