Goats, Yoga & Vegas – Oh My!

Yoga is great for stress relief, improving breathing, posture, flexibility, and overall mental wellbeing.  A trip to Vegas provides all of those benefits and more, so combined the two and welcome to Goat Yoga Las Vegas!   

I’m sure you can imagine the expression on my friend’s face when I suggested “Let’s go do yoga & oh there will be baby goats!” There was confusion and interest all at the same time! The class that we attended was held outdoors at a local public venue and it was packed! There were people of all ages and yoga skill sets including some, like myself, who honestly came more for the goats than the yoga!  

Accomplished & novice Yoga enthusiasts alike will enjoy taking a Goat Yoga Las Vegas class.  The yoga courses are real and taught by experienced yoga instructors and the baby Goats are absolutely adorable!  The instructor leads the class and monitors those participants that may need additional assistance on any pose. In addition, the baby goats have their own dedicated staff to assist their needs during the class.  Participants are asked to provide their own yoga mats (or bring their own personal towels) and photo opportunities are plentiful and suggested! 

The baby goats roam around as the participants are performing the instructor-led yoga poses and during certain poses; these little cuties will “assist” each participant in only a way that baby goats can! Again, it’s so much fun! Another added benefit of Goat Yoga Las Vegas is each of the classes are planned to perfectly accommodate the weather schedule to ensure maximum comfort of both the animals and the participants.  

This is a family-friendly event that is reasonably priced and kids are welcome to attend with parenteral supervision.  My friend and I both had a blast and are looking forward to attending another class together soon!  Goat Yoga is a fun activity to add to your trip if visiting Las Vegas or if you’re a local & haven't checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? Let’s Go! 

*Please refer to the official website for hours, locations and pricing. * 



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